When I first started making plans for opening my own personal training studio I thought about a lot of things. I thought about where I wanted my studio to be located. I started picking out the types of equipment I wanted to be working with. I chose paint colors and flooring options. I spent a lot of time thinking about what was important to the experience of the studio. I knew I wanted my clients to experience a clean, safe, private and judgement free place to workout. I did not think about fitness in a pandemic.

4Fitness is a small boutique studio where clients train either one on one for personal training or in small groups takingphoto of Fitness in a pandemic social distanced Aerial Yoga hammocks a class with a maximum of six people. There is only one fitness session at a time. The experience is completely private. All services are provided by appointment or RSVP. Our TRX straps are mounted 6 feet apart our Aerial Yoga and FLY Bungee mounts are 8 feet apart. I believe everyone deserves to have space when exercising. I designed the studio this way to minimize gym anxiety and to provide a more customizable experience where everyone is welcome regardless of exercise experience.

I am blessed. I am blessed that my vision for 4Fitness allowed for a simple transition to help protect my clients during a pandemic. I didn’t have to worry about adding extra space between equipment, it was already there. I didn’t have to figure out how to monitor or reduce the number of clients to maintain compliance. 4Fitness was already operating within recommended guidelines. When planning my studio I couldn’t see a future where a virus required these things, I believed that these things were the best experience I could create for my clients. There was one area where improvement could be made., cleaning. The studio was already being cleaned daily and disinfected with an EPA registered cleaner. Due to the pandemic I transitioned to disinfecting between every client and a thorough cleaning every day. This was above and beyond what was required but it is what my clients deserve.

I am also grateful. I am grateful that my clients put their trust in me and allow me to be a part of their health and fitness journey. In this current environment I am honored that they continue their trust in me. I am happy to provide them with a place to destress, move their bodies, and maintain their health.