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Learn to Defy Gravity with Aerial Yoga!

What is Aerial Yoga?

photo of Tracie Thompson doing an inverted aerial yoga pose

Aerial Yoga is a relatively new approach to a traditional yoga practice.  We use a silk-like fabric called a ‘hammock’ or ‘swing’ to support the weight of our bodies, helping us achieve various postures with more depth, ease and excitement.

By relieving 20-80% of body weight, the hammock allows individuals to rapidly increase their flexibility while improving balance and core strength. In doing so, individuals are able to reach more advanced yoga poses if desired, like inversions, offering drastic improvements in health and vitality in a short amount of time.

When laying in the hammock our bodies are wrapped or cocooned in the fabric stimulating various acupressure meridians of the body and a gentle feeling of massage and relaxation.

Come defy gravity with us!

Aerial Yoga is offered in regularly occurring scheduled classes, pop-up classes, and special events.  All classes are listed on our classes page.  Class size is limited to a maximum of 6 participants, please register in advance to reserve your swing.

Who can take Aerial Yoga?2019-12-30T09:20:49-05:00

Aerial Yoga is designed for beginners through advanced exercisers. No yoga experience is needed. Our instructors enjoy sharing the benefits of  aerial yoga and creating a comfortable atmosphere for new people to experience yoga.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t take Aerial Yoga?2019-12-30T09:20:24-05:00
Aerial Yoga is not recommended for anyone who has:
glaucoma, recent surgery of any sort, very high or low blood pressure, vertigo, osteoporosis, severe carpal tunnel syndrome, recent stroke, hernia or is pregnant.
Can I eat before Aerial Yoga Class?2019-12-30T09:19:59-05:00

During class you will be partially or fully inverted (going upside down) for a period of time, we advise clients not to eat or drink anything acidic for at least an hour before class starts. This is especially important during the early stages of your aerial practice, as your body won’t be used to inverting yet.

Please arrive with a very light stomach. A light stomach means no food or light solids like toast, fruit, or a bar.

What should I wear to an Aerial Yoga Class?2019-12-30T09:19:33-05:00

You should wear clothes you are comfortable in. We find that more form-fitting clothing helps to avoid bunching or draping over your face while inverted. You will be asked to remove your shoes for class. You can go barefoot, many of our clients prefer to wear socks, the choice is yours.

Please dont wear clothing with gems, sequins, glitter, or studs as they may snag the hammock material. Should you find any of your jewelry is sharp please remove and let us know we will give you a container to keep them from being lost.

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