Exercise at 4Fitness

Exercise at 4Fitness is all about your needs, whether you want to do one-on-one personal training, fitness classes, or a blend.

FLY Bungee is the workout that delivers as much fun as it does exercise.  Class is full of fun cardio and strength intervals that will have you flying, jumping, squating, lunging, teetering, and so much more.

Get a stronger core, hips, and glutes using a fabric hammock to increase the demand on the muscles and adding comfort to the whole body.

This is a quick full-body strength class using the Monkii 360 ball that focuses on compound movements and core strength.

Hop on board to improve your balance and core strength. The Surfset brings new challenges to familiar exercises with the thrill of a surfing experience.

Total Toning is a full-body strength class using the TRX and RIP Trainer for a wide variety of exercises.

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