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It is a rare thing for a woman to 100% love her body. In fact, this world would be transformed if women loved even 50% of their body. The sad reality is that many women struggle to accept (never mind love) how their bodies look and feel. Lack of body confidence in women is almost epidemic, and it shouldn’t be.

The most important relationship we will ever have in our lifetime is our relationship with ourselves, mind, spirit, and body. In her second book, bestselling author, Tracie Thompson takes us down a brutally honest path of self-discovery that spans the 90’s, leggings, and the complexity of self-love.

Written in her gritty, “I’m from New Jersey, this is how I talk” style, Tracie throws the doors open on her own struggles to love her body through the decades, through different weights, through motherhood, and even through the challenges of a being a “curvier than most” personal trainer.

I Love My Body, What’s Your Problem shares a universal story about what it’s like to be a woman in the world. It’s a story that will have you nodding as you relate to heart-wrenching stories of self-hate and hilarious moments of “can you believe that really happened?” It’s a story about one woman for all women.