Tracie’s clients love that she isn’t your typical “skinny girl at the gym.” Not that there is anything wrong with skinny – it just isn’t her. She is strong, and she has curves, and her clients identify with that. A Certified Personal Trainer for over 15+ years, Tracie specializes in creating safe places for people who are not comfortable with the typical “gym” culture.

At 4Fitness Personal Training Studio, Tracie has built an inclusive environment that embraces and caters to diverse body sizes and shapes. There are no overwhelming mirrors, no side-eyes from the gym rats, and no judgment from staff or other participants in group classes. A constant learner, Tracie holds certifications in Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Aerial Yoga, Scientific Back Training, Wellness Coach, and Life Coach. 4Fitness, located in the Downtown St. Petersburg, FL area, is a holistic personal training facility that emphasizes “joint-friendly” exercise and workout programs. Her approach is designed for progress – no matter where you are starting.

Headshot of Tracie Thompson

A best-selling author and business coach, Tracie is a powerhouse of intelligent leadership. Her caring yet straightforward approach to developing others into their best selves is evident whether she is training fitness clients or coaching business leaders. Her style is perfectly represented by the title of her bestselling books: Suck It Up, Buttercup: 10 Tough-Love Strategies To Get You Off Your Butt and Making Money and I Love My Body What’s Your Problem?.

Tracie is known to be a dynamic speaker who amazes audiences with her real-world stories and to-the-point messages. Humorous and refreshingly honest, Tracie can make tough topics such as self-respect, commitment, and motivation come alive with clarity and relevance. Her practical approach to making decisions and taking action leaves audiences equipped to make meaningful changes in their lives.

Tracie lives in St. Petersburg, FL, with her husband of 25 years, Eric, and their two children. She loves her chosen profession and is proud to provide a private space for individuals to achieve their unique fitness goals in a safe and encouraging environment.

4Fitness is located at 1433 4th St. South, St. Petersburg Florida. Contact Tracie at 727-674-5081 or Email Tracie to set-up a no charge in-studio consultation. All consultations are private.