4Fitness Featured Client Karen Surdyk


Hi. My name is Karen. I had been taking a restorative yoga class at a studio that closed at the beginning of the global pandemic. After some time, I began looking for another studio where I could continue my practice since, to be honest, I wasn't keeping up with it at home. I needed a place [...]

4Fitness Featured Client Karen Surdyk2024-05-09T10:05:20-04:00

I Am Not A Weight Loss Expert


I Am Not A Weight Loss Expert I have been a Personal Fitness Trainer for over 20 years, and I am not a weight loss expert. Often when people meet me and find out I am a Personal Fitness Trainer they are shocked. I’ve even had people ask me “why would people come to you [...]

I Am Not A Weight Loss Expert2022-04-22T08:12:19-04:00

Fitness In A Pandemic


When I first started making plans for opening my own personal training studio I thought about a lot of things. I thought about where I wanted my studio to be located. I started picking out the types of equipment I wanted to be working with. I chose paint colors and flooring options. I spent a [...]

Fitness In A Pandemic2020-08-20T09:00:25-04:00

Surfset Class Is Fun & Beginner Friendly


In January of 2020, 4Fitness launched Surfset classes. We are having so much fun in class. I have noticed that when people come to their first Surfset class they have concerns about being in the right shape or having the ability to take a Surfset class. We have a quick chat they feel better and [...]

Surfset Class Is Fun & Beginner Friendly2023-04-18T12:56:44-04:00

I am Fat.


“I am fat. I am so fat.” How many times have you heard someone say “I am fat”? I wish I had a dollar for every time someone has said, “I am fat”.  No wait I changed my mind. Since I am making wishes what I really wish is that people stop saying “I am [...]

I am Fat.2020-03-08T15:07:58-04:00

Where are the true representations of women who exercise?


Let me explain. In running my personal training boutique I spend time online looking for social media content, pictures, memes, and quotes. In this process, I see a lot of fitness images. Most of these images contain half-naked women who are very fit to extremely fit. I am not judging these women. If you are [...]

Where are the true representations of women who exercise?2018-09-27T02:53:44-04:00

Why I Became A Personal Trainer


Why did you became a personal trainer? Believe it or not people don't ask me that very often but I believe it is one of the most important questions to ask a trainer. The answer to this question will often make a trainer's motivation very clear. So let me share with you why I became [...]

Why I Became A Personal Trainer2020-06-18T10:46:18-04:00
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