4Fitness Featured Client Karen Surdyk

4Fitness Featured Client Karen Surdyk

image of a woman doing dancer pose in an aerial yoga classHi. My name is Karen. I had been taking a restorative yoga class at a studio that closed at the beginning of the global pandemic. After some time, I began looking for another studio where I could continue my practice since, to be honest, I wasn’t keeping up with it at home. I needed a place and a teacher that would help me get back into my fitness groove.

I found 4Fitness and read about all the classes available and was intrigued. Can I take a 30 to 45-minute fitness class and actually accomplish anything? The only way to find out was to try.

I started by taking the Flying Bungee class. And yes, I could take a 30-minute class and accomplish something. The workout was challenging as well as fun. So I continued to go. I lost those pandemic pounds, gained strength, and felt good about myself. The encouragement that Tracie so freely gives her clients made me feel great and grateful. There was no pressure to perform, no pressure to push myself beyond my beginner abilities, and an atmosphere where I felt no pressure to compete with anyone but myself. What a refreshing approach to exercising!

I decided to add Tracie’s Flying Pilates class to my fitness routine. This class is practiced in a sling enveloping you in your cocoon, where you can work on your core strength while concentrating on the pilates concepts of slow and controlled movements.

Then, I learned about Tracie’s Aerial Yoga class. That was extremely intriguing. I loved practicing restorative yoga in the past, but, to be honest, the floor work was a bit tough on my hips. So, after speaking with Tracie about the concept of her Aerial Restorative Yoga class done in a sling, I decided to give it a whirl. And I couldn’t be happier that I did. The inversion technique is my favorite part of this class. Tracie teaches in such a manner that gives me the confidence I need to learn and grow my personal fitness goals.
Then Tracie began teaching an Aerial Yin Yoga class. She explained the concept, and once again, I was intrigued. I began taking that class as well. It’s both physically challenging as well as calming and fun. This class is done partially on the floor and in a sling, which is great for me. I leave feeling refreshed, and my mood is, well, uplifted.

I’ve been taking classes at 4Fitness for several years now. When I started, my goals were to strengthen my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

I can honestly say that my experiences working with Tracie at 4Fitness have been life-changing. I look forward to each class and the feeling of personal accomplishment I leave with after every class.

Thank you, Tracie, for the years of dedication to your 4Fitness business and your 4Fitness community.


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