What should I wear to a Surfset class?


We want you to wear clothes you would be comfortable exercising in. There are no judgements here if you come in your matching fitness outfit or an old t-shirt and sweatpants. You will be asked to remove your shoes for class. You can go barefoot, many of our clients prefer to wear socks (they can [...]

What should I wear to a Surfset class?2019-12-30T15:48:02-05:00

Who can take a class at 4Fitness?


Our classes are designed to be welcoming to beginners and regular exercisers. There is no judgement and we extend a warm welcome to all participants.  The small class sizes give us the ability to customize class to the abilities of the clients in class that day. If you have questions about your specific abilities or [...]

Who can take a class at 4Fitness?2019-12-30T14:33:11-05:00
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