FLY Bungee

Is there anyone who shouldn’t take FLY Bungee class?


As a studio we welcome everyone. FLY Bungee is not recommended for people with certain medical conditions: Pregnancy, recent surgery, abdominal pain, neck pain, and anyone being treated for whiplash.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t take FLY Bungee class?2019-12-30T10:08:20-05:00

Who can take a class at 4Fitness?


Our classes are designed to be welcoming to beginners and regular exercisers. There is no judgement and we extend a warm welcome to all participants.  The small class sizes give us the ability to customize class to the abilities of the clients in class that day. If you have questions about your specific abilities or [...]

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What should I wear to FLY Bungee Class?


We always want you to wear clothes that you are comfortable in. This class requires a harness that goes around the waist and the thighs. What we recommend is longer shorts or pants and a shirt that covers the midsection, so that the harness doesn't rub your skin.

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Can I eat before FLY Bungee?


During class you will be wearing a harness, this does put pressure on the abdomen. We advise clients not to eat or drink anything acidic for at least an hour before class starts.  Please arrive with a very light stomach. A light stomach means no food or light solids like toast, fruit, or a bar.

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What is the Weight Limit?


We take the safety of our clients and instructors very seriously.  Our class equipment (yoga hammocks and/or bungees), mounting equipment, steel carabiners & structure are rigged to hold over 1,000 pounds worth of dynamic movement weight. Weight limit is not an issue, we welcome clients of all shapes and sizes.  All hammocks and rigging equipment [...]

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