In 2018, 4Fitness started hosting Atomic Lotus Yoga at the 4Fitness Studio.   This partnership created a supercenter of fitness where you can get fit in mind, body, and soul.

Most people workout in a fitness center for personal training, TRX classes and FLY Bungee, and have to travel somewhere else for Yoga classes and Aerial Yoga.  At 4Fitness, you have access to ALL of these fitness offerings as one-on-one personal training and as part of group classes.

The addition of Atomic Lotus Yoga Co has made 4Fitness a unique private place for all of your fitness needs.

Atomic Lotus Yoga Co

Atomic Lotus Yoga is a one of a kind studio for yoga, aerial movement, and healing in Downtown St. Petersburg, FL. We specialize in all styles of yoga from the chair to the air. We promote skillful alignment, creative sequencing, and mindful breathing yoga classes. With continued practice yoga reduces chronic pain, anxiety, relieves stress, fights depression, and increase strength and flexibility. We also offer a variety of other movement and healing techniques that engage mind, body, and spirit.

At Atomic Lotus Yoga there is a yoga class for everyONE and everyBODY. Yoga starts here!

Lyn Kirkman-RYT 200, Usui Reiki Master, Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra®, Aerial, & Yin Yoga Certified

Lyn’s yoga journey started over 5 years ago while seeking a more spiritual and physical way to heal & connect with her Lyn Kirkman Yoga Instructor Profile Pictureinner self. At the time she would have no idea just how much yoga would transform her entire life and well-being. She immediately fell in love with her practice and how it made her feel mentally, physically, and spiritually. She knew she had to share this amazing gift with others.

She then decided to study yoga and become an instructor, so she would be able to share all the powerful and joyful benefits of yoga with others. Lyn’s journey also allowed her to deepen her practice as an energy healer by way of Reiki, a Japanese healing technique, that uses a hands-on approach to healing. Lyn practices this ancient Japanese technique daily on herself and others. She encourages others to come and be apart of the same life altering transformation whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner seeking to deepen their passion for yoga and healing.

Lyn enjoys teaching all levels and styles of yoga from the “chair to the air” and has an array of certifications she has obtained over the years, including over 200 hours of Aerial Yoga training and experience and 1000 hours of mat yoga training and experience. Lyn is continuing her journey to deepen her own practice and education as she starts her RYT 300  (The Lotus Pond, Tampa, FL).

She also plans to visit India, as well as travel abroad to other countries, to gain a deeper sense, knowledge, and understanding of yoga and yoga history in Eastern cultures (where yoga originated). She is forever grateful for her experiences thus far and for being given the opportunity to share and witness the yoga experience with others.

“When in doubt, choose change” -Lily Leung