Event Details

The Haunted Hike is our October event but you can start your hike anytime and set your own end time for as long as 1 year. We will be traveling 38.4 miles along the Noland Creek Trail and a small amount of the Appalachian trail. Join the Haunted Hike  (cost is $15). Read below for more details on the haunted nature of this trail or to learn more about 4Fitness Movement.

Noland Creek Trail makes the list of haunted places in East Tennessee for several reasons. First, the trail itself boasts tons of cemeteries and old homesteads along its trail. The Lake Fontana area contained several settler communities and their presence can still be seen in the gravestones marking the trail.

There also exists a legend of a settler who died searching the hills for his lost daughter. Now, perhaps to make up for not locating his beloved daughter, a light is said to guide lost hikers to safety on the trail.

The 4Fitness Movement is a program developed to encourage more movement from a place of support and accountability and also inclusive of all body shapes, sizes and fitness abilities.

Many people are trying to exercise outside of the studio by walking, running, biking or swimming and some people find it difficult to do on their own. These virtual missions allow us to create a community for support and encouragement.

You can count all of your mileage from walking, running, jogging, elliptical use, biking, swimming, stair climbing or 4Fitness studio sessions. Total Toning or Surfset=2 miles FlY Bungee or Aerial Yoga=3 miles Personal training 30 min=2 miles 60 min=4 miles.

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